Vibrant Oils - Haidee-Jo Summers


Vibrant Oils

Artist: Haidee-Jo Summers
Language: English
Format: Paperback Book
Price: £15.99 (Inc VAT where applicable)

This is the long awaited first book on oil painting by Haidee-Jo Summers ROI.

Haidee-Jo Summers' artwork is filled with light and vibrancy. Her friendly, instructional style will demystify oil painting and show you how to use this traditional medium to create contemporary portraits, landscapes, still life and more, all suffused with the unique warmth and richness of oils. This book is ideal for painters at any level of experience, from complete beginners looking to start out with oils, to advanced painters wishing to pick up new ideas and techniques.

Fresh, bright and accessible, this vibrant book is a real feast for the eyes. It provides step-by-step instruction, projects and numerous examples of Haidee-Jo's finished art, from cafes in Seville to her local allotments, giving the reader a wealth of inspiration and ideas for producing stunning oil paintings of their own.

This book is also available packaged with Haidee-Jos DVD of the same title. More info here...


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THE ARTIST - October 2017

This is amazing. Books on oil painting are a rare thing, but this is a whole lot more than that. You could, in fact, ignore the medium completely and treat it as a guide to the practice and philosophy of being an artist. For a start, it's not insubstantial, although the paperback format tends to disguise that. It is also filled with illustrations that cover just about every subject you might want to tackle. Badly-handled, this could lead to superficiality, but there are examples, demonstrations, hints, tips and breakout panels that keep you interested throughout. Haidee-Jos style will be familiar to The Artist readers - it has a vibrancy that enthuses all by itself and contradicts the often worthy reputation of oil painting. This is a book to revel in. Open it and you will be lost for a considerable time. Although comprehensive, it's never verbose or confusing and is constantly delightful.

This is really rather wonderful. The initial impression, picking it up, is that its more than usually substantial and, at 176 pages, it most certainly is. A quick flick through reveals a wealth of illustrations and an enormous variety of subjects. Haidee-Jos style is loose, relaxed and colourful and this doesnt, on the surface, feel like an oil painting book, insofar as those are often rather lofty and worthy. The truth is that its not really a medium book at all, but rather a guide to the whole creative process that just happens to use oils as its vehicle. Id even go so far as to suggest that you could find plenty to get from it even if you never had any intention of working in the medium at all.

Investigate further and the next thing you might notice is that, for all its size, there are only 4 step-by-step projects. This is entirely in keeping with the approach, which is to teach you about the subject, rather than simply to train you to emulate it. In the old analogy, it teaches you to fish and feeds you for life, rather than giving you a fish and feeding you for a day. Subject matter is catholic and includes landscapes, seascapes, still lifes, figures and flowers.

Along the way, Haidee-Jo considers composition, colours, light, cropping, the use of layers, tone and more. Some sections are quite short paragraphs, some are sidebars and others simple hints. Everything is accompanied by an example painting and the explanations are commendably clear.

The publisher is trying to sell this as suitable for all levels of ability. I have my doubts. If you were a complete beginner, I think you might find its comprehensiveness overwhelming. However, if you have some experience, or are new to oils, as opposed to painting, it has a great deal to tell you and wont disappoint.

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