Watercolour Impressions - Joseph Zbukvic


Watercolour Impressions

Artist: Joseph Zbukvic
Language: English 90 mins
Format: PAL DVD
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Joseph is a true master of the watercolour medium whose magical touch produces wonderfully loose, atmospheric paintings. On a summer’s day in Melbourne he paints sailing boats in Albert Park before travelling to France where we catch up with him in Paris in cold but sunny winter weather. Here he paints street scenes and a view of the river Seine. Returning to Melbourne he then uses one of the watercolours produced on his French travels to work up into a larger studio version.

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LEISURE PAINTER - October 2009

Inspired watercolours

Joseph Zbukvic, a Croatian now living in Australia, is a true master of the watercolour medium with a bold individual style that enables him to ignore detail and concentrate on form and atmosphere. In his latest DVD, Watercolour Impressions, the first painting is a loose, summery impression of sailing boats in Melbourne. We then travel to Paris where the artist paints several attractive town-centre compositions in situ. The first of these is a lively painting of a bridge over the River Seine and he does full justice to the light playing on the limpid water.

There follow delightful impressions of Parisian street scenes and here he makes full use of the sunlight falling on his subjects and the resulting bold shadows. The background buildings are greatly simplified with detail merely suggested, often with dark touches dropped into moist washes. He allows the white of the paper to capture the impression of bright sunlight on the nearer objects, such as stalls, shop canopies, pedestrians and vehicles, which he handles loosely with dark colours to achieve a brilliant impression of light and shade.

Joseph works at what most less confident painters would regard as breakneck speed, using full liquid washes applied with large brushes, which he holds high up the handles. His confidence and outstanding ability enable him to produce paintings of real quality and beauty. His DVD shows us how he captures the essence of his subject with little apparent effort and he instinctively understands what to emphasise and what to omit.

This is an excellent DVD, which I can strongly recommend to all watercolourists. (Ray Campbell Smith)
THE ARTIST- December 2009

Review by Oliver Lange

In an age of digital cameras, there can be a great temptation to work principally from photographic reference, rather than sketch or paint on site. But, as Joseph Zbukvic demonstrates in his latest film, WATERCOLOUR IMPRESSIONS, there is nothing quite like the ‘great outdoor studio, where you can relate to the subject at first hand.’

Joseph’s studio is in Melbourne, and from there he takes us first to nearby Albert Park, where he paints a busy scene that includes people and yachts at the water’s edge. He captures the mood of the subject perfectly, working with exactly the right combination of technique, definition and suggestion, showing how to stay focused when attempting such a complex, ever-changing subject.

Then, he swaps the sun of Melbourne for the dull, wintry light of Paris, where he paints street scenes and a wonderfully atmospheric view of the river Seine. Finally, back in the studio, he shows how to work from a location painting to create a larger, more resolved version, while keeping the same sense of immediacy and expression that is possible when painting on site.

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 (8/10)  Submitted by: Dave 11-Jun-2011
Very good DVD. It is more of a demonstration in watercolour rather than being instructional.If you watch Joseph's techniqes though you will learn how to turn some pretty gray scenes into dramatic scenes with beautiful use of tone and light.
 (10/10)  Submitted by: Giovanni 28-Jul-2011
Zbukvic è un grande maestro.Attraverso verso DVD ci mostra passo passo tutti i passaggi per realizzare dei dipinti di grande effetto
 (10/10)  Submitted by: Cl-Marie 25-Aug-2011
Beautiful DVD!!! Joseph's choice of subjects and composition are wonderfully varied and his application of color and brushstrokes his control of the "running" water are great! Well worth the money spent.
 (5/10)  Submitted by: Gürkan 25-Jan-2012
I thing ,like videos have to be more tips and tricks,but this video very little
 (10/10)  Submitted by: Chris Bellew 20-Oct-2013
I'm very pleased and happy with the subjects in this dvd.It is so inspiring it has helped me to enjoy my painting so much more.Thanks Joseph for sharing your incredible talent.Chris Bellew.

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