Painting with Pastels - Aubrey Phillips


Painting with Pastels

Artist: Aubrey Phillips
Language: English 60 mins
Format: PAL DVD
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Aubrey takes his pastels to the breathtaking scenery of Wales. He paints lakes and mountains, studying aerial perspective and reflections. He paints moving water, a typical Welsh barn and captures the mood of an estuary at low tide. Finally, he produces a painting in the studio from sketches made in Wales. Aubrey has a fresh, loose style and this film contains plenty of information for both beginners and more experienced painters.

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Review by Wendy Skinner

A new video recently produced is Painting with Pastels by Aubrey Phillips who is a member of the Royal West of England Academy and the Pastel Society and also a Gold Medallist at the Paris Salon.

In this video Aubrey conveys his enthusiasm for creating mood, atmosphere and texture in painting landscapes. There are five demonstrations - still water, moving water, an estuary, a barn and finally sketches for use in the studio. The video is well filmed with tasteful background music and the use of various background papers and pastels is adequately described.

In the first demonstration of a painting of a Welsh lake Aubrey uses charcoal sketches of possible viewpoints to demonstrate compositional pitfalls. He goes on to discuss the creation of aerial perspective, balance and harmony by use of colour and also various techniques when using pastels to create contrasting textures.

The second demonstration of moving water makes light work of a subject which beginners may have found daunting by showing how to establish the general composition and a balance of colour, contrasting lights and darks. He also shows how to 'adjust' a painting should the need arise. His painting of a river estuary again uses a contrast of textures to describe the subject. Artistic licence gives the picture scale and balance and he uses a Conte stick to give definition to the shape of boats.

Aubrey next tackles a stone barn and describes how his paper will aid his creation of texture. He goes on to show how to depict slates and stonework without overdoing the detail. The video ends by demonstrating the use of tonal charcoal sketches in producing a finished painting in the studio using the natural elements and a little artistic licence to give scale and depth to the painting.
THE ARTIST November 1993

Review by Jackie Simmonds

"Mood, atmosphere and light" are the main elements Aubrey Phillips says he likes to capture in his pastel landscapes, which are swiftly and confidently executed on this video, in a fresh, loose style.

The artist before the camera is a quiet, modest man, who allows us to watch over his shoulder while he sketches and paints among the lovely scenery of mid-Wales. Despite the apparently flat light on each of his chosen subjects, which include lakes, mountains, a woodland stream, a typical old Welsh barn, and an estuary at low tide, Aubrey nevertheless manages to convey a beautiful sense of light, and peaceful atmosphere.

Pastel can be a tricky medium - you cannot try out colour mixes on a palette; it is a dry medium, flowing directly from hand to paper, so it is tempting to draw with it rather than paint; and it is all too easy to overload the paper support with too much pastel pigment while trying to cover over mistakes, Aubrey falls into none of these traps. Perhaps because of his great experience and complete understanding of tonal values, he never seems to pick up the wrong colour or tone of pastel stick. With a wonderful lightness of touch, his hand skips across the paper, first using the side of the pastel for broad sweeps of colour, massing in sky, mountains, foliage or foreground; then using the point of the pastel to explore a little, and 'draw' certain elements of the landscape for composition or emphasis; then back to a broader treatment once again. Gradually, magically almost, each painting comes to life, and, as we watch, we are accompanied by Aubrey's gentle voice as he shares his thought processes with us.

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 (10/10)  Submitted by: Dumitru 4-Jan-2013
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