Flowers in Watercolour - Ann Blockley


Flowers in Watercolour

Artist: Ann Blockley
Language: English 90 mins
Format: PAL DVD
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Ann Blockley paints a variety of different flower subjects. These include ox-eye daisies, wild roses, elderflower blossom, dandelion clocks and sunflowers in the countryside; clematis, roses and foxgloves in more formal gardens and teasels in her studio. She produces a series of sketches and watercolours both on site and in her studio, resulting in a collection of loose, free watercolours as well as more considered finished paintings.

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Review by Ray Campbell Smith

Ann Blockley, the talented daughter of the well-known artist John Blockley, has made her own mark in the art world and has a number of books on painting to her credit. Her main interest is painting flowers and she runs regular, well-supported courses in the Cotswolds.

Flowers in Watercolour follows her previous video, Flower Painting Through the Seasons, and deals mainly with wild flowers in their natural habitat. She is a firm believer in painting on site, either to gather information and reference for a more considered rendering in the studio, or to produce a boldly executed finished painting. Her watercolour technique is free and loose and she builds up her compositions with full, liquid washes to produce bold and lively images. She used Bockingford paper for its whiteness and Waterford for more elaborate work.

We first see her in action in a field of dandelions, many in bloom and others in the 'clock' stage. She applies a varied yellow and green liquid ground wash and then sponges out the dandelion shapes with a tissue and suggests the stalks by removing pigment with a dryish brush. She achieves a vivid impression, which she uses as a basis for a more finished painting in the studio. Here she uses various techniques to obtain the effects she wants - dropping salt into a wet wash, scraping white marks with a scalpel and spattering with the aid of a flexible palette knife, all to create textures of various kinds.

Her next flower study is made in a field of ox-eye daisies. After a little pencil sketching she again applies full, liquid washes with skill and panache, leaving chips of white paper here and there to add life and sparkle to her work. She has a sensitive appreciation of colour and captures subtle tints the casual observer might miss.

An impression of elderflower blossom and wild roses comes next and forms the basis of a more finished composition in the studio. This is followed by a delightful study of garden flowers - clematis, red roses and foxgloves. We then see sunflowers painted in the field and teasels in the studio.

All Ann's quick impressions and more developed paintings are a delight, her clear, fresh washes really capturing the delicacy of flower petals, while her bold and vigorous approach precludes any danger of the 'precious' effect, which sometimes mars flower paintings. Her video will greatly help flower painters in watercolour.
THE ARTIST - April 2005

Review by Oliver Lange

Ann Blockley enjoys painting outside and relies on this approach to gather information and feed her imagination and memory with ideas. Her subject matter is flowers, and whether these are found in an herbaceous border or in a meadow she explores their shapes, colours, textures and other qualities through a sequence of loose, freely expressed watercolour studies.

In Flowers in Watercolour, Ann paints in fields of dandelions, ox-eye daisies and sunflowers, explores the early summer Cotswold hedgerows to find subjects such as wild roses and elderflower blossom, and visits a formal garden where she works on a composition that includes clematis, roses and foxgloves. Her location studies involve all kinds of techniques and effects, while the studio paintings are stunning - sensitive, imaginative and totally convincing. If you have shied away from painting flowers before, this film will surely inspire you to have a go!

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 (10/10)  Submitted by: Jilly 17-Sep-2011
Ann Blockley is so inspiring. I have all her books and DVDs and love looking at them . Very enjoyable.

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